The Secrets to a Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the perfect digital marketing strategy. It is fast, it is accessible, you can reach people across the globe with a simple ‘click’, and sending out emails is free. Taking advantage of email marketing will help you promote yourself and your business.

iBoomerang’s Email Marketing+ will save you the time and effort to takes to create email marketing campaigns by offering you pre-designed and pre-created recurring email templates. You can also set up a series of emails that can be scheduled to send automatically on the dates and intervals of your choosing.

The iBoomerang Email Marketing+ service will help you keep track of your contacts by allowing you to import contacts and assign them to segmented lists and groups. This will help you send extremely targeted marketing campaigns that will help you convert more sales.

However, if you don’t know how to effectively conduct an email marketing campaign, you will not get to see the great outcomes an email marketing service can have for you. iBoomerang’s Email Marketing+ gives you everything you need to run successful marketing campaigns and get the ultimate return on investment, but you must realize what it takes to create and utilize a successful campaign first.

The infographic below explains the meat and bones of a successful email marketing campaign. It illustrates that you must have a catchy subject line, you should include your company name, include the person’s name, and have an opt-in service. The main email elements are also mapped out for you in the infographic, as well as the necessary content you should include in your marketing email. Lastly, the infographic gives you a simple checklist that you should always go over before sending out your email campaign.

secrets to perfect marketing email


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