4 Ways to Boost Your Visual Marketing Strategy

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As a marketer for your online business, you must have a social media presence. However, posting just text-heavy content alone on social media won’t grab the attention of your future customers and clients. Creating compelling visuals is also a must when posting on social media. Whether it is graphics, videos, or GIFs, you want to be able to connect with consumers and help them understand your business. Below are four options to catapulting your boring text-only social media postings into interesting visual postings.

Here are four options that won’t cost you much of your valuable time:

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If you don’t have time to hire a personal graphic designer or create images of your own, it doesn’t mean you can’t include images in your content marketing strategy. On social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, try to share and retweet images and infographics, giving the original image creator credit of course.


A very visual social media platform of its own, Instagram helps you connect with your audience through snapshots and pictures. Instagram allows you to post pictures of behind-the-scenes everyday life. It is a great marketing strategy because it captures an audience with colorful graphics without completely leaving out the text-portion of marketing. You can add captions under your pictures to include links to your website, trending hashtags, promotional codes, etc.


Similar to Instagram, Pinterest allows you to “pin” pictures to a virtual “message board” that your audience can view and also re-pin to their own personal message boards. It offers the ability to connect with other similar brands by re-pinning their material to your boards as well. It is a more visual way to interact with your audience, and can be a great tool to also post your blog posts on if you want to reach a larger audience.


Vlogging is just like blogging, but instead of typing your blog in written form, vlogging allows your face to be front and center by sharing your thoughts and words in video form. If you do not possess professional writing skills, vlogging may be more up your alley by allowing you to give the audience a more conversational experience. It can be a great way to share information, experience, and give advice in a more visual format than a blog. In addition, vlogging helps your audience put a face and voice to your business, helping you build your personal brand.


If you are looking for a new way to amp up your boring social media strategies, try one of these tactics!

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