Super Bowl 50: The Best and Worst Ads


The Super Bowl is great for many reasons: awesome football, awesome half-time shows, awesome food, and most importantly—awesome commercials.

For many years, the Super Bowl has brought out some of the best television commercials. Many are still talked about today, such as the famous Coca-Cola “Mean Joe Green” advertisement, and the E*Trade monkey commercial. However, with a pricetag of up to $5 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time, marketers are sure to bring their A-game to the table.

This year not only marked a milestone with Super Bowl 50, but it also produced many commercials that were sure to bring buzz. However, with every great commercial comes the—well– not so great.

Here is our breakdown of the good, the bad—and the just plain weird (#puppymonkeybaby), according to online polls and some opinion pieces.

The Good

According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, the best Super Bowl 50 ad was Hyundai’s ‘First Date’ featuring Kevin Hart. Among the top five also included Heinz ‘Wiener Stampede’, and both Doritos commercials (Doritos Ultrasound and Doritos Dogs). The Doritos commercials (especially the ultrasound one) and the Heinz commercial both showed up in other top Super Bowl commercial lists, such Wired and on The Verge.

It is not a surprise that a commercial with famous comedians, puppies, and humor all made the best list. However, when you try to combine some of these things into one commercial, we learned it might end up badly (Cue: Puppymonkeybaby).

The Bad

Some commercials that didn’t own up to their potential were from some of the biggest industry marketers out there. An example of this is The Bud Light Party commercial featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen that definitely fell short for the popular brand of beer known for its advertising. This commercial had something in common with Shock Top’s “Unfiltered Talk” commercial—both fell flat in the humor department.

The worst (in my personal opinion), or better noted, weirdest, commercial of Super Bowl 50 can be awarded to Mountain Dew’s ‘Puppymonkeybaby’ commercial. The commercial combined all things people typically love in commercials, babies and animals. However, combining all of these things into one image was disturbing and just plain weird. There is one thing for sure, Puppymonkeybaby was very salient; the image and jingle sticking in consumers heads whether they liked the commercial or not.


What was your favorite Super Bowl 50 commercial? What about least favorite? Leave a comment below.

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