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As a small business owner, your personal brand and image are important to your sales and growth as a business. The need to stand out and have a unique content marketing strategy is vital in telling your company’s story—whether it be through your writing, infographics, video, and/or images that speak to your message.

However, if you are in the beginning stages of marketing your brand, or just are running out of content marketing ideas, you could probably use some help along the way.

B2C has compiled a list of free content marketing tools that can help with your content marketing needs, whether you are an experienced content creator or not.

Here are some of the free sources B2C recommends:

Creating Inspiration

Getting news, resources, and insights can be tough, but subscribing to the right blogs can really help.

These three blogs will give you insight on everything from how to write great blogs, content information and news, and content writing tips.


The Content Strategist 

Content Marketing Institute

Expert Advice

If you aren’t already an expert at content marketing, you are probably looking to people who are. If you aren’t already following some experts on social media, B2C suggests taking a look at the list of the top 100 marketers and following a few of them on social media.

Join the Community

LinkedIn allows you to find experts in your field to network with all at your fingertips. If you have a hard time finding and accessing knowledge in the first place, you might consider joining a community of similar interest, such as this group and this group.

Picking a Topic

Now that you have discovered new knowledge and inspiration to create your content, how do you choose a topic to write about? B2C gives two great examples of places to help you discover topics. The first is this blog, and the second is something I use commonly and have talked about in previous blogs. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can give you a helping hand if you not only have trouble discovering a topic to write about, but also if you have trouble coming up with catchy titles and headlines for your content.


Do you have any resources to add to the list?  Where do you find the inspiration for your content creation? Leave a comment below.

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