3 Steps to Capturing More Referrals

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Did you know that 92 percent of people rely on the opinions of family and friends to help make their purchasing decisions? This statistic proves that business referrals are successful, and people trust when their friend or family member recommends a business or service to them.

I’m sure you have asked a friend or family to refer your business to their friends and acquaintances, but this isn’t the most solid strategy for gaining prospective clients.

Here is what you should be doing to capture more referrals:

  1. Know when to ask

The best referrals come from clients that have already had an opportunity to experience the value of what you can deliver. To set yourself up for success, the first step to getting a referral is always pairing referral requests with clients that had positive outcomes. There is a right time and a wrong time to ask for referrals. If a client compliments your services or says that you really helped their needs, ask away. If your client seems less than enthused about their experience with you, don’t request a referral.


  1. Know how to ask

The second step to gaining referrals is to be mindful of how busy your own clients are. Rather than just asking your clients for a referral and hope that they follow through with the request, be proactive in your approach by doing most of the work for them. For example, you could find an acquaintance you both know (or want to get to know) via social media (LinkedIn is a great resource for this) and ask to be introduced via email.

You can also give your client an extra incentive to want to spread your business to their peers. Offering a gift card or compensation in return for a referral is a great way for both you and your client to benefit from the experience.


  1. Know the tools to help you ask

As mentioned above, emailing your clients for specific referral requests can be an excellent way to gain a refferal. An even better way to achieve this is by having a standard email template that you can send out to multiple clients for referrals. Another resource you can use is a referral link, which directs a person to a landing page where they can offer up names of people who could also use your services. Giving out business cards with links and QR codes that redirect back to your referral page can also help direct clients to giving you their friends’ and families’ names.


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