8 Tips to Writing a Perfect Prospecting Sales Email


Writing and sending emails to sales prospects can be time consuming and you may not be see a pay off. Writing a good sales email takes patience and practice, but if you master the process, you will be sending out effective messages in no time.

Learning the basics

Mastering every art form means mastering the basics first. To master the art of a perfect sales email, you must know how to write a proper email. Plain and simple, knowing sentence structure and proofreading religiously are the backbone to any email.

Here are a couple of writing tips everyone should follow:

-Writing is Rewriting

Proofreading and composing rough draft after rough draft are arguably the most important tasks of writing. This holds true with sales emails as well. Practice makes perfect, right?

-Use Active Voice

Passive voice can often sound vague in writing. Active voice is more energetic and sounds more confident. It cuts out those extra helping verbs and makes you sound like a stronger and more authoritative person.


Passive Voice: The email was written by me this afternoon.

Active Voice: I wrote the email this afternoon.

-Use Second Person

It’s true that people love the sound of their own name. Always include your prospect’s name in the email you are sending to them, but don’t go overboard by including your prospect’s name in each sentence or paragraph. Instead, try to include forms of the personal pronoun “you” in the sales email.

-Leave Out the Adverbs

Adverbs are words that modify verbs. Examples that fly into my head when I think of adverbs include quickly, quietly, very, excitedly, etc. Yes, I admit it. I am guilty of using “very” way too often in my writing. However, eliminating these unnecessary adverbs can make sentences more compelling and to the point.

-Be Specific

Specific details, statements, and data gives a prospect a clearer value. If you’re going to make any claims in your sales emails—always back them up with results. Without support for your claims, why should a prospect trust you? Try to utilize data and statistics to prove your point.


Once you know the basics of writing a good email, you can start to form your sales prospecting emails. There are a few tips that you should always follow when drawing your target audiences’ attention in an email.

-Find an Association Between You and Your Prospect

Hook your prospect within the first few sentences of your sales email. Create rapport and show a common interest by using a statement like, “I noticed you have been commenting on our blog posts” or “You fit the profile of our most successful customers.”

If you can’t find a reason why you are reaching out to a person, simply don’t reach out to that person.

-Show Immediate Value

Follow up your reasoning for reaching out to the prospect by offering suggestions or showing the prospect that you are a trusted adviser.

-Include a Call-to-Action

This is a no-brainer. Prospects don’t want to read paragraphs and paragraphs of what you can offer them. Instead, leave additional resources or a link to one of your social media profiles at the end of your email. Ask your prospect to call you or email you if they are interested in getting more information from you.


What is your no-fail technique to writing an excellent sales email? Leave a comment below.


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