Understanding Google AdWords

How the AdWords Auction Works 

How good is Batman without Robin? Frodo Baggins without Samewise Gamgee? Shrek without Donkey? Even though the headline heroes are still pretty good without their loveable sidekicks, when they’re together, it’s pure magic. 

The same can be said about SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click). The best way to strengthen your search engine presence and generate high quality traffic is by optimizing your content. PPC serves as a great complement to your organic search, maximizing your reach. While a current customer might search for your business by name (i.e. “Bob’s Shoes”), your prospective customers are probably searching for more general terms (i.e. “chicago bakery”). This is where PPC comes in.

While SEO is keeping its city’s residents safe, PPC is showing non-residents that the city is safer than other cities and convincing the people to move there.

Before you start putting together a digital advertising plan, you should understand how the process works. It’s more complicated than just bidding for the top spot. Here is an infographic from WordStream that details exactly how the Google AdWords auction works.

What is Google Adwords

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