Why Blogging Matters to Marketers


Recent debates about blogging dying out in the vast world of digital conversation may hold a few truths. However, the real destiny of blogging is evolving just like other social media platforms—rapidly.

The blogosphere is changing, with traffic to blogs being driven far more by Facebook and Twitter links than from fellow bloggers, and traditional blogs being taken over by microblogs and “tappable stories” (Less text-heavy stories that are based on mobile content consumption).

So, why do marketers need a blog? It is beneficial? Of course. Don’t believe me? According to HubSpot, marketers that actively blog are 13 times more likely to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) than those who don’t.

Blogs matter to marketers because they:

Drive traffic to your website

First, for the most obvious reason, marketers blog to attract visitors to their website. Not every reader coming to your blog will turn into a lead, but blogging puts calls-to-action in every post, giving your blog and website the audience traffic it needs to create some leads.

Complement other forms of social media

Typical professional social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, show that shorter and more to the point is better. Social media is a place for visuals. Visuals are more eye-catching than a block of text. The best to place to write your stories, advice, and novels? A blog. The best place to promote them? Social media.

Create social conversation and community

Like social media, blogging is a way to create community and conversation. Different audiences may come to hear your advice, ideas, or even leave comments to elaborate or provide you with new ideas. Blogging allows for different perspectives, which means an opportunity for your business to really stand out.

Manage your business reputation

Traditional media and word of mouth can help develop your business reputation. However, if something incorrect was said or written about your business, blogging can help set the record straight.

Develop your personal brand

Blogging is the best way to just be you! As the face of your company and business, you can show your authority and expertise with your professional blog, and bring a brand personality to light through your writing.

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Leave a comment below.

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