The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Checklist (Infographic)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is compromised of many factors. Lucky for us, Leapfroggr put together this all-encompassing infographic checklist that promises you will “never forget anything about SEO again.”

This infographic highlights one of the most important parts of optimization, which is research. Market research and competitor research are important in discovering keywords, other links, and sources in which your website and content can benefit from using.

The infographic touches on four key subjects of SEO. The first, which I already touched on, is research. The topics following include on-page SEO (factors that can be implemented on the site page), off-page SEO (such as setting up social media accounts), and then finally, everything else you need to know.

The next time you create content, a website, or a new social media account, be sure to take this checklist into consideration to make sure you have covered all of the bases of search engine marketing and SEO.

Take a look at the infographic below:


seo checklist


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