9 Web Conference Presentation Tips



The iBoomerang web conferencing service allows you to present to your clients with simplicity and unparalleled speed. It is by far the most important tool in online sales, but it won’t be effective unless you know how to make excellent and captive presentations for your clients.

Follow these tips to ensure your web conference presentations will impress your audience and clients:

  1. When you are designing your web conference presentation, you are probably using a program like PowerPoint. Make sure your presentation design follows these guidelines in order to look clean-cut and professional:

-Large, bold, easy-to read font (ex: Arial)

-No more than 6 to 8 lines of text per page (simplify!)

-Use plain backgrounds that contrast well with text

-Avoid complex animations and too bright of colors (yellow font = terrible idea)

  1. Test all aspects of your system and presentation before you begin. Make sure that your phone lines and headset are connected. Test your own web conference system and run your presentation. Make sure that your computer won’t lag due to low memory or connection speed. I suggest running your presentation over web conferencing with a family member or friend beforehand to ensure that they are receiving your presentation fully and without complications.
  2. Are you are having a guest speaker? If so, try to run through all of the aspects discussed in #2 with other presenters. This will help the presentation run smoothly and you will know what to expect when it comes to giving the formal presentation.

Here are some additional tips to keep your presentation flawless:

-Allow for flexibility during your presentation and questions at the end of your presentation. You might even consider asking questions periodically during your presentation to make sure all of your attendees are up to speed with you.

-Check time zones before scheduling your web conference.

-Make sure the access link for your clients/attendees is working correctly.

-Check for background noise and white noise that your system might produce.

-Limit your session to less than 90 minutes. Longer sessions might be unproductive.

-Plan ahead on how you will finish your web conferencing session. Thank your participants and leave time for closing comments, questions, and information. Leave on a final note by discussing the next steps in the process and your contact information.

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