Creating Your First Email Marketing Series

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I am sure you have sent an email marketing your products/services in order to engage with your subscribers, clients, and prospects. However, have you used an email marketing series, or an automated email campaign?

An email marketing series allows you to pre-plan all of your marketing efforts at once. With the help of iBoomerang Email Marketing+, you can send the pre-written messages over time on the dates and times you select.

These email marketing tactics are often described by other names, such as drip marketing campaigns, automated email campaigns, etc. Simply put, these series or campaigns give people the right information at the right time.  For example, if you have a new blog subscriber, you might send them a welcome email, and then a few days later an email that contains your latest blog update.  It is the best way to nurture your leads online.

Although setting up multiple emails at once might sound daunting, it will actually save you time and effort in the long-run. The best thing about creating a series is that it will automatically send your campaign based on the triggers (dates and times) that you define.

Here are some steps to creating an effective email marketing series:

  1. Decide with what you need to say to your audience, and then decide how many emails it will take to get your point(s) across.
  1. Follow a common “pattern” of email campaigns.

For example, if somebody is new to your email list and you want them to engage with your brand, you should send a welcome series.

According to, if you sell a product or service, you could follow a format similar to this:

-How our product or service works
-How we’re different from our competitors
-People rave about us
-A special offer

  1. Decide the number or emails you want to send out based on your format, and decide the appropriate calendar schedule of which days/times you want to send each email. Finally, decide which segmented list(s) you want to send your series to.
  1. Of course, the final step is to create and send out your series. With Email Marketing+ from iBoomerang, the process of creating and sending a series is as easy as it gets. Email Marketing+  allows you to edit pre-made email templates or create your own templates, set the dates and times on when you want to send out each email, and then add in your segmented lists of clients and prospects. iBoomerang does the rest of the work, automatically sending out your drip-marketing campaign series so that you have more time to focus on sales.


Check out more details of our Email Marketing+ here.

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