4 Guidelines to Mastering the Perfect PowerPoint Design


In the online sales world, conducting PowerPoint presentations over the web should be second nature. I’m sure you have mastered presenting your PowerPoints from scripts and notes. But, have you mastered the art to the perfect PowerPoint design?

Here are some design tips to make sure your PowerPoint impresses your audience:

The 10/20/30 Rule:

The design of your presentation is one of the most important parts to an appealing PowerPoint. The 10/20/30 rule presented by Udemy could be considered the golden rule of PowerPoint presentations. It follows these guidelines:

-10 slides

-20 minutes

-30-pont font or larger

This rule highlights the idea that your presentation should be simple, to-the-point, and without too many words cluttering the screen. This leaves room for you to expand on your points provided in the PowerPoint without making the audience read a manuscript directly from the presentation.


In addition to placing simple text in your PowerPoints, stick to one color theme (built in color themes are always an easy-to-use option) that encompasses your business or presentation’s theme. Use dark colored, easy-to-read fonts on top of lighter colored backgrounds.


Do not rely on PowerPoint’s clip art feature to provide you with the best graphics out there. You want your presentation to have high-quality, colorful graphics. Avoid stretching smaller images to the point that they become grainy and develop a poor resolution. You can find professional photography online (be wary of copyright issues) or buy stock photos to enhance your PowerPoints. One final tip: Remember not to put too intricate or colorful graphics on top of an already colorful scheme.


Animations can really amp up a presentation, but be sure to use them cautiously. Stick to animations that are professional and not too flashy. I suggest using Wipe Left-to-Right on bullet points and pictures from the “Animations” menu of PowerPoint. Use no more than two or three types of transition effects on your slides as well—too many animations attached to your slide transitions can make your presentation look tacky.

What are your tips for creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation design? Leave your advice in a comment below.

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