4 Easy Tips to Creating the Perfect Headline


Creating a piece of marketing content can be frustrating and time-consuming within itself, but creating the perfect headline for a blog, email blast, or other materials can be even harder. Marketers say that you should spend 50% of the total time it takes to create a piece on its title or headline. The headline can be the most important part of a persuasive or marketing piece. After all, how many emails have you opened that didn’t have a catchy or interesting subject line? Try one, or all, of these tips the next time you are trying to think of a creative and catchy headline.

Make list posts

I love list posts. They’re simple and short, and easier for the reader to breakdown and digest. Some example of list post headlines are:

*The title to this article: 4 Easy Tips to Creating the Perfect Headline

*6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Today

*14 Things Every College Student Should Know

Add an adjective

The first thing you need in order to write a catchy headline is words that you know will grab the reader’s attention. I try to incorporate one adjective in every single title of my blog posts. Here is a list of 17 proven words from writtent that will make your audience actually want to click on your marketing content.

Incorporate numbers

Numbers catch people’s attention, which is why copywriters have been using them in their headlines and titles for years. To grab your reader’s attention immediately, try using an obscure number like 17 or 33.

Use these free tools

*Headline Analyzer– If you want to write better headlines, CoSchedule will help with their blog post headline analyzer. All you have to do is type your headline and press enter. It will give you a score based on the overall readability, length, and grammar of your headline.

*HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator– If you get writer’s block like me, HubSpot’s blog topic generator is a lifesaver. As soon as you enter three nouns relating to your topic of choice, it will give you blog topics in the form of headlines. For example, I entered these three nouns: blogs, emails, and headlines. HubSpot gave me these five ideas:

hubspot blog topic generator

*This PDF of 102 Headline Writing Formulas

*Content Row’s Linkbait Title Generator– Simply type in your subject and get link bait title ideas.


What tips/tools do you follow to make sure your marketing content gets read and shared by viewers? Leave a comment below.

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