5 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation


What is Marketing Automation?

Automatic marketing is a service that sends automatic, consistent, personally branded marketing campaigns (for example: email blasts) out to your clients.  With iBoomerang’s Marketing Automation, you will receive personalized campaigns, website and audience tracking, social media tracking, lead alerts, and other reports without having to spend the time and effort to create and follow campaigns yourself. What is the best benefit of marketing automation? It can be a highly efficient tool for small businesses with limited extra time and staff. Read more about the benefits of marketing automation below:


The Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Save time!

As previously mentioned, one of the best things about marketing automation is that it saves you time!  Marketing automation creates multiple campaigns and posts ahead of schedule and automatically schedules them for send-out. You never have to worry about getting the right message out at the right time again.


  1. Specially targeted

Marketing automation allows you to reach your customers with the best messages at the right time. Rather than spending time segmenting customer/prospect lists, let marketing automation do it for you by syncing with your customer/prospect lists and sending out specifically targeted emails based on individual prospects or customers.


  1. Consistent

Consistently managing your customer communication is the key to keeping a prospect or customer interested in what your business has to offer. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to send out a reminder email, a marketing email, or a simple birthday wish email,  because marketing automation will remember for you.


  1. Easy lead nurturing

You no longer have to connect with each individual lead manually. Automated marketing will reach out to your potential leads automatically, beginning the interaction with a potential customer as soon as they visit your website or subscribe to receive your newsletters.


  1. Detailed reports and real-time alerts

Do you want alerts sent to you so that you can connect with your leads immediately? Do you want reports on who has opened your emails, visited your website, or taken action on your marketing efforts?


iBoomerang Automated Marketing will give you all these statistics and alerts, plus much more!



iBoomerang Marketing Automation will run your marketing campaigns for you!  To check out additional features of iBoomerang Marketing Automation, visit our website.

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