How to Manage Negative Social Media Business Reviews (Infographic)


Every business owner hopes to see only positive reviews or comments about their company posted on social media, but the truth is that every business owner is at risk of experiencing a less-than-complimentary Facebook fan at some point. These customers could have a small complaint or be so upset that they turn offensive and make sure your entire online community knows about it.

Although your first response might be to delete a negative post or try to ignore it, the correct way to deal with a complaint from a customer on social media is to respond. Luckily, Digital Giants created this infographic to explain the steps to take in order to effectively manage negative social media comments and reviews.

View the infographic below:

social media management


The infographic goes through the process of effectively managing any negative social media reviews. All in all, the infographic explains that you should never delete a review, but instead, respond to it in order to be transparent with your followers. The only time a review should be deleted is if it is derogatory or inappropriate.

The infographic also suggests that you should respond within one hour in order to give your customer a satisfactory answer. First, draft a response to the customer with an apology and a solution to their complaint. Make sure the draft is professional because this response will be judged by the user you are conversing with as well as other followers of your social media page! Finally, when you feel your response is satisfactory, send it. Monitor the problem all the way to the end to solve the customer’s complaint and turn them into a brand advocate!



Replying to your reviews is a great way to keep your online reputation as a business positive. For more blog posts on how to manage your business reputation, go here.


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