The 4 Aspects of a Great Sales Presentation

The Four Keys to Creating Better Sales Presentations


Think back to the best presentation you ever saw. Great presentations have many of the same characteristics. They’re engaging. They left you feeling invigorated. And the presenter was so confident.

Building a great presentation takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes real confidence to stand in front of an audience and speak clearly and concisely. The truth is, great presenters aren’t born, they’re made. The good news is that with a little practice, anyone can acquire great sales presentation skills. 

Here are four key characteristics of a great sales presentations.

  1. Clear Objectives

The very best presenters spend a lot of time laying the foundations for their presentations. You need to define a clear objective. What is your goal for the presentation? Are you wanting to sell something? Are you raising awareness? Are you sharing information or networking with other professionals? Figure out what your goal is before you even start building your presentation.

  1. Established Audience

Really understand who you will be talking to, your audience. You would talk to industry experts differently than you would newcomers. If you are not sure or your audience is a mix, focus your presentation on the group that you care the most about.

  1. Great Content

Know your content inside and out so that when an audience member asks a question, you can be confident in your answer. Ask fellow co-workers to quiz you on the material and try to stump you with questions.

Your audience members will always be asking themselves “What’s in it for me?” Be sure to point that out along with the consequence of NOT buying your product. Remember, everyone will receive the same message in different ways, so say the same thing in different ways. Address those that want to see the big picture, those that need proof your product will work, AND those that want the details of how it works.

  1. Delivery

The best way to deliver a great sales presentation is to be yourself. Use your own unique style to your advantage. The best presentations feel more like conversations. Encourage the audience to chime in and be involved during the presentation instead of waiting to ask questions until the end.

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