The Internet and Health Insurance

girl shopping online for health insurance

Today’s consumer can buy anything online, including health insurance!

It seems like a pretty big no-brainer: the Internet is becoming an ever-increasing force in pretty much every market and industry. This week, comScore, a digital marketing research firm, released a study quantifying just how much consumers are starting to rely on the Internet when researching life insurance quotes and policies, highlighting just how important it is for life insurance agents to develop and maintain a strong online presence.

By The Numbers

The study revealed searches containing the phrase “life insurance” grew by 15% in 2009. That is a 2.2 million rise in the number of searches from 2008, resulting in 16.6 million total searches for life insurance in 2009. Requests for online life insurance quotes also rose in 2009, with 2 million Americans submitting online request forms.

What It Means

As employers continue to cut or drop health care coverage, the working class is becoming more and more self-reliant when it comes to finding health insurance, so this trend is probably not just limited to life insurance. This means independent health and life insurance agents stand to gain a lot if they play their cards right.

The Internet can be the greatest marketing asset for any small business. It’s got more free marketing opportunities than any one individual knows what to do with (believe me, I’ve read a lot of conflicting expert opinions on the matter). This also, however, translates to an increase in competition.

Your Web site: Agents can no longer afford to treat their site as a supplement to their business (even though it still kind of is). Your site needs to be a stand-alone hub of information to potential clients. It needs to project a professional and trustworthy image (especially when selling health and life insurance) that leaves visitors zero doubt in regards to the legitimacy of the agent or agency.

Online leads: If you’re a top producer in your agency, I’d be willing to bet you buy a ton of leads online. Many agents say online leads are the most effective means to increase sales, and with online quote requests on the rise, there will be no shortage of quality leads and lead vendors to choose from. Do your research to ensure you get the best leads available.

In short, the Internet is and will continue to be incredibly important in both marketing and communication, especially in the insurance industry. Research various means and strategies that will bolster your online presence and give you the competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

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