30 Ways to Share Your Blog Posts

Increase Blog Visibility by Promoting in These Places


Writing a blog is just the beginning of your work. You also need to research, build some graphics, upload your posts, and promote them. You might think it’s difficult to find places to share your blogs. I’m here to tell you that it’s pretty much limitless when it comes to the internet.

Below are 30 different places you can share each of your blog posts on the world wide web. It might be a good idea to print off this article and keep it handy. You could also create a blog editorial calendar like this one from Hubspot. This will help you log everything from the title to the target audience. All you have to do is add a chart of the follow 30 places to share your blog posts and check them off as you go. With a little work and planning, you’ll get the most out of each and every blog post.

Social Media

Sharing on social media is the easiest way to reach people and have your content go viral.

  • Facebook – Share on both your personal and business pages, in related groups, and through advertisements.
  • Twitter – Schedule the blog to post on Twitter a few times each week for the next month.
  • Google+ – Share publicly and with your circles for added SEO benefits.
  • LinkedIn – Share on your profile, your business’s profile, and in related groups.
  • Pinterest – Make sure your post has a captivating image and pin it to one of your boards.

Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites have millions of users searching for content.

  • Reddit – Reddit dubs itself as “the front page of the internet” and for good reason. This is a must for your blog promotion strategy.
  • Digg – Digg is not only a great way to share your content but also a great place to find new topics for you to write about.
  • StumbleUpon – People use StumbleUpon to randomly find articles based on topics.
  • Delicious – Delicious is also another tool you can use to discover and save interesting links on the web.
  • Technorati – Technorati is the top search engine for blogs and is a must.

Your Subscribers

Your contacts signed up for your communications because they WANT to hear from you. Don’t leave them hanging!

  • Email – Send out your latest blog posts in daily or weekly email newsletters.
  • Forums – Have a presence in any groups or forums? Be sure to share!
  • Email Signature – Use Wisestamp to add your latest blog post to your email signature.
  • Survey – Send your blog out to your email contacts AND ask for feedback. This will help increase interaction!
  • RSS Feed – Be sure people can easily find your RSS feed on your blog.

Other Blogs

Gain more exposure by sharing your blogs on other blogs.

  • Comments – Comment on other blogs and include a link to your blog in your comment.
  • Guest Blog – Guest blogging not only gets your work out there. It also helps build your credibility.
  • Ask – Simply asking industry experts to share your blog can have a great effect on interaction.
  • Reprint – Submit your blog as a reprint to other relevant blogs.
  • Communities – Join a blogging community and exchange links with other bloggers.


Syndicating your work is a quick and easy way of sharing your content across many networks. Choose 2 – 3 of the sites that are the best fit for your industry.

  • IFTTT – Syndicate your blog to over 50 different sites.
  • Blog Catalog – Connect with other bloggers to share ideas and posts.
  • Demand Studios – Allows you to share your blog posts with major publishers like USA Today and eHow.
  • Amazon – Did you know that you could submit your blog to Amazon and then be PAID when a Kindle reader reads it?
  • Networked Blogs – Get more traffic to your blog when you submit your post.
  • Alltop – Categorizes blogs into various groups based on subject.
  • BlogDash – Formally known as Scribnia, BlogDash is an opt-in blogger community.
  • Syndic8 – One of the more popular syndication services, Syndic8 is a collection of blogs that cover a wide variety of topics.
  • EvanCarmichael – Business-related content should be shared here.
  • Outbrain – Like DemandStudios, Outbrain shares your content with major publishers like CNN and FastCompany.

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