Learning From the Masters: Creative Routines

Infographic Showcases Routines of Famous Creative Minds

charles darwin routine

You can see from this graphic that Charles Darwin was a busy man.

Infographics have become my new favorite thing. The graphic designer in me finds them fascinating because they’re almost always well-thought-out. I’m amazed with how fluid they appear to be and just how creative the designer can be. The marketer in me loves them because they solve two problems – How do I grab the attention of my audience and how do I inform them at the same time?

One of the more popular ones to make its rounds across the internet is the one from Info We Trust, which examines the creative routines of historical figures. The data comes from a book called Daily Rituals by Mason Curry. In the book, Curry investigates the daily rituals of creatives – composers, scientists, writers, philosophers, painters – to see when and how they practiced their craft.

Info We Trust took the information for some of the world’s most famous creative minds including W.A. Mozart, Maya Angelou, and Benjamin Franklin, and put it into an excellent infographic. I’m sharing the infographic for two reasons. First, the design is spectacular. The data is clean and easy to understand and the design is simple enough that the reader does not get confused. I also love the font choices and the use of color as accents only.

Second, I think it’s important to study the historical masters. We can learn a great deal from their routines. For example, many of the creative minds on this chart took the time to walk, socialize with peers, and read. When you find yourself in a creative slump, try to follow the creative routines of one of these masters. Perhaps it will help you get out of your slump!

creative routines - info we trust

Creative Routines by Info We Trust (click to enlarge)

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