10 Ways to Use Text Messaging to Market Your Brand

Breathe New Life into your SMS Marketing with These 10 Ideas

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As we approach the holiday shopping season, you may be looking for ways to connect with potential customers while also getting ahead of your competition. SMS or text message marketing is one of those ways. Not only is it one of the most efficient and quickest ways to reach a customer, it also is really only used by large corporations.

This doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Many companies are unable to take advantage of text messaging simply because they are required to obtain consent from the consumer prior to sending the texts. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act put this requirement in place in October of 2013. For the consumer, this meant less spam text being sent to their cell phones. For companies, this meant more work to be able to send those messages.

The good news is that it’s not impossible. The difference is that companies now have to work a little harder to build that text messaging database. It all comes down to trust. If your customers trust your brand and see value in your messages, they’ll be more than happy to receive the texts.

For your customers that have opted in, use these 10 methods to market your brand via SMS.


One way to encourage people to opt in is to use product giveaways. For example, McDonald’s held a Christmas campaign last year in which people entered the competition using codes printed on food containers. Over the five-week contest, 1.5 million people participated.

Instant Updates

Inform your customers of important updates or when they need to complete an action. For example, many airlines customers can receive messages if their flight is delayed or canceled.

Point of Sale Discounts

Offer a discount on a transaction or product to those that sign up for mobile-only discounts. Many companies offer a one-time coupon for new subscribers.

Presale Discounts

Give your mobile user a head start when it comes to sales or discounts. Text them an hour or two before you roll the promotion out to everyone.

Product Launches

Spread the word about new products or services by reaching out to your mobile audience.

Confirmation Messages

If your customer requested you to do something such as set up an appointment or change some information, send a text message letting them know the task was completed. It’s a personal way to show that you care about your customer.


Remind your customers of appointments and meetings.

Time Saving

Give your customers the chance to complete simple tasks via SMS rather than making them call or go online. For example, British Gas allows customers to send gas and electricity reading via text messaging so they don’t need to wait for it to be checked.

Information and Videos

If you’re selling cars, give your mobile shoppers the opportunity to request additional information about the car via text message. Then, send a link back to a video or brochure or to a page where they can schedule a test drive.


Gain customer feedback by sending short questions to ask what they think.

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