Email Design Cheatsheet – Infographic

Creating effective email campaigns starts with the basics

Designing email marketing campaigns can be a frustrating endeavor. That’s one reason we include basic templates in our Email Marketing+ tool. But for those times that you need to create your own, we put together a little cheatsheet for designing effective emails. This email design quick reference guide gives you the basic sections of an effective marketing email and some best practices to follow.

email design cheatsheet


Email Design Basics

  1. Pre-Header – The pre-header provides a brief summary of what the email is about and why the customer is receiving the email. This is a good place to include a “view in browser” link.
  2. Header- The header serves as the base for all of your email templates. It generally does not change from email to email. It should include your logo as well as some navigation links and contact information.
  3. Title/Tease – Include a catchy headline or some teaser text that will encourage your recipients to keep reading.
  4. Main Content – The body is the meat of your email. Make sure your content is relevant and useful to the reader and meets their expectations. Highlight the important information and include a clear and mobile-friendly call-to-action button.
  5. Secondary Content – This area is your chance to engage the reader if they were not interested in the main content. Include specials and promotions or products related to the one featured in the main content area. This is also a great place to include your company’s social network icons and grow your fan base.
  6. Footer – The footer is critical for compliance reasons and for user-experience reasons. A footer should always include the items required in CAN-SPAM – a valid postal address, a full name, and an unsubscribe link with instructions on how to opt-out of your email list. You also should include a contact email address and legal jargon like links to terms of service and privacy policies and any other disclaimers.

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