MORE Sales Resolutions for 2015

Give up your bad sales habits in the new year 

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The other day, I brought you some sales resolutions you should give up as we move into 2015. Here are some more!

6) Making It About You

How often in your emails, voicemails, and presentations do you say “I” or “we?” Stop it. Yes, your products and process are important, but ultimately the customer wants to know how you’re going to help THEM. Make all of your communication about your customer, their situation, and how you can solve it.

7) Cold Calling

How many times do you answer your cell phone when the caller ID shows an unknown number? Getting a lead to answer your call is tough, so when you actually DO get someone to answer, you should be prepared. Don’t just read off of a flat script, be passionate and show intelligence when giving your pitch.

8) Following the Leader

Listening to industry experts is a great way to get started in sales. However, after a while, you should trust your own expertise. It’s what will help you stand out among the pack and attract new customers looking for bold solutions.

9) Networking Events

I hesitate telling you stop having networking events all together because people still like to meet outside of a building and have a drink. It’s less stuffy and formal. What you should do, instead, is save those situations for high profile clients and spend the other time building your rapport by sharing your knowledge in the digital world. Always be creating content.

10) Checking In

I love when I get that voicemail from my mom. “Hey, Brittan; it’s your mother… just checking in to see how you’re doing…” I DON’T like that voicemail from my salesman. Avoid communicating with your customer unless they cancel services or you have new, valuable information for them.

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