What We Pinned in 2014

A Look at Pinterest in 2014

What We Pinned in 2014

First things first (*high five* if you just said “amaryllis“) – that headline is little misleading. Pinterest decided that instead of reviewing its 2014 like all of the other social networks out there, it’s moving on to next year.

“There are all kinds of recaps and best-ofs this time of year, but Pinterest is all about getting creative and planning ahead. While we love a good 2014 rehash as much as anyone, it’s even more fun to start hatching plans for 2015,” writes Mac Huynh on the Pinterest Blog.

This idea makes sense. We, as marketers, should always be keeping an eye out for the latest trends. Pinterest is here to help with that. They came up with 100 Pin Predictions for 2015. The list includes trending pins in popular categories, pins from the network’s most influential pinners, and a few from Pinterest employees themselves.

Here are some of the trends that I’m personally interested in:
1. Gardening – Whether it’s indoor or vertical, more and more people are pinning information on how to start and maintain a garden.

2. Travel – This is probably one trend that will never go out of style. Photos of beautiful places and travel tips are taking over Pinterest.

3. Men’s Wellness – Pinterest has long been regarded as a social network dominated by women. You might be surprised to learn Pinterest’s male audience in rapidly growing. In fact, one-third of sign-ups are male, and the number of active male users on Pinterest doubled over the past year.

4. Natural – Whether it’s grooming, beauty, or medicine, pinners are looking for natural remedies and solutions for everyday problems.

5. Rustic – From weddings to DIY home decor, the rustic style is having its own movement. Pinners are looking to bring the outdoors inside.

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