The Current Email Marketing Landscape

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In the Email Marketing playing field, a lot has changed in the whirlwind of technology that we are caught up in. Where do we go? Where do we start as numbers and stats get thrown out into the vortex that bombard you like hundreds of thousands of snippets of information until you’re overwhelmed to the point you’re in the fetal position under a desk praying the storm will pass… IT WON’T.

As we go into 2015, I wanted to share with you a quick overview of the Email Marketing landscape as it sits right now and where it is heading. So sit back and let me throw out some more stats and facts and figures into this vortex.

Over the years, the preference of images in emails has risen. In the days of the dial up modem, images in an email were a unicorn, a rainbow, a dream of a better time. To spice up an email, we resorted to text decorations. “Can we make it bold and red? What about using a script font?” These were the conversations we had to ensure our emails were visually appealing and would draw in a client or perspective client.

Now-a-days, images can be placed into emails with the ease of a click, and the popularity of this has increased with over two-thirds of the US population preferring this method. A typical person will feel more engaged and spend more time reading your email if there are images in it, giving you a greater chance of them receiving the message you want to send.

Just make sure to add alt text to your images for e-mail clients that are problematic and do not download images.

Now that we have images in our emails, what about that thorn in our side? That vile beast under the bed, clawing at our sanity that keeps all email marketers up at night? That’s right… Outlook!

The mere mention of the name is the thing of nightmares. It does not allow images to be downloaded instantly, the coding language may as well be stone tablets that you have to hand carve and like the stone tablets of the past, and each version looks differently. What do we do? Do we play to the least common denominator? Unfortunately, yes. If it looks good in Outlook, it will (more than likely) look good in all other email clients.

What about email filters? Around 53 percent of US email users use an email filter. What does this mean for you? It means that relevant content is key! It means your subject line must engage and draw the user in! Above all else, it means that if a customer does not engage, your message will become less relevant the more times you send it. While not all filters have switched to the Google Priority mail standards yet, you can bet your bottom dollar they soon will. If you have never seen Google Priority or want to know more about it have no fear and click here.

We also have to take into consideration the mobile tide that has captured so many people! Look around when you’re in a public place. How many phones do you see? How many people stare into the warm glow of an LED screen, blocking out noise and movement around them? In the past three years, mobile has increased 180-percent on the email marketing field with 49 – 55-percent of all emails being opened on these marvels of technology!

What does that mean for you?

Keep your emails short and sweet – Boiled down to that one drop of nectar, that golden sales pitch, that condensed nugget that the receiver needs. After all, most people skim emails on their phones and could miss the point of the email.

In this whirlwind of email marketing, the stats, the facts, the figures, there is one epically significant gem that has been unearthed! In research conducted by the Aberdeen Group they found that by having a good AutoResponder, you can increase conversion rates by over 50 percent! So, take into consideration the expansive landscape that is email marketing and ask yourself, are you getting the best return on your marketing?

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