Five Website Mistakes Rookies Make

Novice Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them 

common marketing mistakes

We all make mistakes. Don’t let these common marketing statements be one of them.

Building a good website can take several months and hundreds of hours of time. There are tears, harsh words, and trash cans full of crumpled pieces of paper as you work through the wireframe, design, and writing. Finally, you launch what seems to be an amazing online storefront.

But there’s one major problem; You aren’t seeing results.

It could be in that in your focused attention to detail, you missed some little mistakes that can have big consequences. The good news is that most of those tiny website mistakes are easily fixed. Here are five of them.

Vague Homepage Headlines

Sure, your website is eye-catching, but it isn’t obvious what you actually do. This problem could include a headline that (while clever) is unclear, a featured image that doesn’t show your product or service, generic navigation labels, or text that explains your brand and its benefits but doesn’t detail the services you provide.

How do you tell if it is too vague? My favorite way is to bring in outside parties (spouses, friends, parents) and have them evaluate the website before it’s even launched. Have them look over the homepage for a few minutes and then ask them to answer some prepared questions like “What is the company’s name”, “What do they do?”, and “What stood out on the homepage?” You should also stand back from the website and squint your eyes. What stands out the most?

Hidden Testimonials

If people love you enough to take the time to write a testimonial, show it off! Don’t bury it on a page within your website. Good testimonials strengthen your marketing message. Put your best testimonials on your homepage and create an easy-to-access page that hosts the others.

Colorful Social Icons

“But I thought you said to cross promote!?”

Yes, yes I did. And I stick by that. Including social network icons on your website is necessary. It encourages followers and builds link juice. However, there is a right and a wrong way to put them on your website. Including colorful social media icons can grab the attention of the visitor, but there’s a downside to this. If the visitor is looking at those icons, they’re not reading your website! Instead of placing the icons in your header and in their many colors, create your own icons that match your website color scheme and put them in the footer.

Bad Sharing Plugins

Social sharing plugins can be really helpful. They allow people to share the content you worked so hard to write. The problem is many plugins automatically include the developer’s own name in the posts. (Look for the “via @notyourcompany.”) The remedy is simple – Choose a different plugin. If you’re savvy enough, just alter the code to display your own company’s social profile name.

Irrelevant Suggested Videos

Embedding your recorded YouTube videos is a fantastic idea! However, once the video is done, the viewer can be presented with a bunch of irrelevant video options. This means there could be people watching videos of puppies or even worse your competitors on your website! To fix the issue, when you embed the video, turn off the suggested videos by unchecking the box when you grab the code from YouTube. You could also use a paid video hosting service.

Keep these website mistakes in mind when you’re designing your website. If you’re currently making these mistakes, use the easy fixes to keep the traffic flowing.

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