The 5 Worst Ways to Market Your Company

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, it can be difficult for a startup company to break outside of the cluttered marketplace with a captivating message that separates the business from the rest of the pack. Only the best and most resourceful marketing teams are successful with this. But even the boldest marketing teams can cause more harm than good. Here the 5 worst ways to market your company.

All About Me

We understand that you love your business, and that’s great, but your marketing scheme shouldn’t focus on you. It should focus on your customers. They are the one spending money on your product, after all. Instead, figure out how your product is beneficial and useful to the consumer and share that message.

Competitor Influence

You should always keep  an eye on your competitors, making note of their marketing campaigns that work and don’t work. What you don’t want to do is copy your competitor’s efforts. People buy from companies that appear innovative and unique, so if you’re simply copying something that’s already out there, you’re likely to finish in second place. Instead, think about how you can market your company in an equally successful, but polar opposite, way.

Selling Features Instead of Solutions

Features are great, but they should not be your main selling points. For example, if I am buying a new car, I do not care about the built-in dual TV monitors or satellite radio. I am more concerned that the car runs properly and is efficient. Think of this example when you are creating marketing campaigns. Show your customers that you are the ideal solution for their problem, not the extra features.

Focusing on Facts and Figures

Facts and figures are important, but most people buy on feelings and emotional connection. If that were not true, we would buy the cheapest or most convenient gifts for our significant others on Valentine’s Day instead of something we know they will like. Appeal to the heart instead of the head. Try to evoke a memory or emotional desire, and you will land more business.

Information Overload

This seems to be most common of the worst ways to market your company. For some reason, marketing teams like to try and cram as much information in an ad as possible with the hope that the listener hears at least one thing they like. The problem with this is that people can really only digest on key message at a time. Instead of cramming in concepts, be concise and include only the key factors.

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