10 Tips for Writing Good Email Subject Lines

Good Email Subject Lines Encourage People to Open the Message

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Did you know that 95% of online consumers use email? That’s a lot of sales potential! But writing good content or coming up with a great promotion doesn’t do any good when no one opens your email. This is why you should become a master at writing good email subject lines. Here are 10 tips to follow:

1. Turn off CAPS LOCK
Not only do email service providers mark subject lines in all capital letters as suspicious, many readers won’t open the email because they feel you’re yelling at them. Only use capital letters where grammatically appropriate.

2. Avoid SPAM Words
Be aware of common spam trigger words including “Discount,” “Quote,” “Compare rates,” and “Click here.” Being put into the spam folder by an email service provider will hurt your visibility.

3. Use the 50/50 Rule
It takes time and concentration to write good email subject lines, so savvy online marketers know to spend the same amount of time crafting the subject line and pre-header as they do the rest of the email.

4. Request a Reply
If you are seeking feedback from the reader, ask for their response in the subject line. If no response is required, consider including “FYI.”

5. Don’t Mislead
Be sure you’re not misleading the reader with a subject line that does not match the body of the email. Misleading a potential customer is the easiest and fastest way to lose the trust of your subscribers. Make sure your email subject lines are ethical, legitimate, and relevant to the content of the email.

6. Set Realistic Deadlines
Featuring a deadline in your email subject line is a good way to increase click-through rates. However, you’ll run into trouble if the reader opens your email to find the special offer is available at any time. Again, do not mislead the reader.

7. Put Important Information First
You should be aware of email service providers truncating subject lines. It’s important that you put the most important words first. The optimal number of words for email subject lines is 6 to 10, according to Retention Science. The open rate for that length was 21 percent. On the contrary, email subject lines with five or fewer words only generate a 16 percent open rate.

8. Proofread
I cannot stress enough the importance of proofreading your emails. Even one tiny mistake can trash your entire image.

9. Edit and Preview Before Sending
Email marketing is tough because every browser, email client, and mobile device displays differently. Be sure to send a test email to a variety of test areas to preview how they look before you send the real one to your clients.

10. Have Fun
Use your creativity to come up with fun and quirky email subject lines. People are more likely to open up your email if you can make them laugh or smile. Moreover, it will personalize your brand and build loyalty.

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