Facebook Changing How it Counts Likes

But don’t panic. This is a good change! 

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Facebook announced on Thursday that it is changing the way it counts Likes. The changes will not affect the number of friends you have, but it could impact the number of Likes on celebrity and business pages.

Facebook will no longer factor in Likes from users who have passed away or voluntarily deactivated their accounts, according to a blog post published yesterday. The idea is to make Page Like more meaningful. Removing inactive Facebook accounts from audience data will give businesses up-to-date insights into the people who actively follow the brands. This means the followers you have will be the ones that actually interact with your page so you are not wasting efforts marketing to someone that does not exist.

Over the coming weeks, Page admins will likely notice a small dip in the number of page likes. Moving forward, any memorialized accounts or those that are voluntarily deactivated will also be removed. If a follower reactivates their account, the Like will be re-added to your Page’s count.

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