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20 Tips and Tricks for Accurate Google Searches

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Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine, but it can do more than just return a list of websites based on a keyword or two. Google’s goal is to provide its users with the information they want, so the company has built in some pretty amazing features to help. Here are 20 tips and tricks to improve your Google searches.

Exclude words by adding a minus sign (-) in front of the words you want to exclude. This can be helpful in omitting recipes that include ingredients you do not like.

01 - minus sign

You can also filter recipes based on ingredients, calories, and other criteria by searching for the food and clicking on “Search Tools.”

02 - Search Tools ingredients

Using “site:” before a URL and your search terms allows you to search within a website.

03 - site

Adding “intitle:” will return only results with your term in the title of the webpage.

04 - intitle

Search for websites that link to another website on their pages by adding “link:” to your query. This can also be helpful to find backlinks to your website.

05 - link

Looking for a specific type of file like a PowerPoint presentation or PDF document? Add “filetype:PPT” to your search query.

06 - filetype

If you’re looking for an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks to search for words in that exact order.

07 - quotation marks

To find the definition of a word, type in “definition of” or “define:” and then the word.

08 - definition

Google keeps a collection of songs and musicians. To display a list of all the songs by an artist, type in “Songs by” and the name of the band.

09 - songs by

Similarly, you can also search for books by an author by typing in “Books by” and then the name.

10 - books by

You can compare two foods against each other.

11 - compare foods

Google will solve a mathematical equation for you.

12 - math

You can do two searches at once by adding ‘or’ between the search terms.

13 - or

Find funny GIFs to add to your blog posts by performing an image search, clicking “Search Tools” and then change the Type to “Animated.”

14 - GIFs

Quickly translate a phrase from one language to another by typing in “translate ‘Language 1′ to ‘Language 2′” and then entering your text into the box. You can also audio record what you want to translate.

15 - translate

Find the date of a specific holiday.

16 - holiday

Convert units and currency.

17 - convert1

17 - convert2

Need help remembering lyrics to a song? Fill in any blanks with an asterisk and Google will attempt to complete the search for you.

18 - lyrics

Search within a range of numbers by adding “..”

19 - number range

Find the origin of a word by adding “etymology” onto the end.

20 - etymology

Happy searching!

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