3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Website


40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Here are a three easy ways you can speed up the loading time of your website.

Optimize Your Images
An easy way to cut down on the loading time of your website is to optimize your images. Images that are too large for the area that you need to use them in will drastically slow down the loading time of your website. Images that haven’t been optimized for the web can take up to 30+ seconds to load. The images should be the exact size (or pretty close) of the area that you will be placing the image in. For example, if the width of the area you’re going to place your image in is 600px, your image should be no more than 700px wide. The image’s resolution should also be 72DPI which is the preferred image resolution for the web.

Use CSS Instead of Images When Possible
If you have a little coding knowledge another way you can speed up your website is to limit the number of images you are using. A few elements that you can use code and CSS in place of are buttons, form fields, and gradient backgrounds. With CSS you can create these elements by using background colors, a border-radius (for rounded corners), border outlines, and even icons (you can create CSS font icons by using web icon fonts such as Font Awesome).

Limit the Number of Web Pages You Have
Having a separate web page for every section of content may sometimes seem like the right thing to do but it’s one of the fastest ways to slow down your website. Once all of those files start to try to load things will get bogged down. To avoid this, I would suggest analyzing your content to see what pages you could combine. For example, you could combine your about page with your staff page if you have a small number of employees. You could also combine your location page with your contact form.

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