18 Free Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

18 Free Ways to Build an Email Marketing List

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with potential and current customers. However, it can be tough to maintain a good client database. Contacts may choose to opt-out, abandon an email address, or change to a new one if they change jobs.

You should always take the time to add fresh contacts to your email marketing lists. Here are 18 ways to make that happen using email and other marketing channels.

By Email

1) Create Good Content: The key to interaction is relevant and useful content. Put careful consideration into your text and images.

2) Encourage Sharing: Include social sharing and “Forward to a Friend” links to encourage your followers to share your templates with friends and family.

3) Hold a Contest: Put together a fun contest or free giveaway and have people enter by submitting an email address.

4) Segment Subscriptions: Segment your subscription lists to send more targeted content to specific groups of people. This will help boost click-through rates.

5) Remove Inactive Contacts: It may seem counterintuitive to remove people from your email marketing lists, but doing so will improve deliverability and share rates. Send an opt-in message to contacts that have not interacted lately and ask them to re-opt-in. Then, remove those that do not respond.

On Your Website

6) Offer Something: Create a lead generation offer like a free whitepaper and require people to submit an email address on a landing page to download it.

7) Offer a Trial: Similar to the above, provide a free trial of a product or service in exchange for contact information.

8) Guest Blog: Any time you create content for guest blogging opportunities, include a call-to-action in your author byline and post.

By Social Media

9) Share Offers: Share your offers and promotions on all social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

10) Social Advertising: Promote your free offers using Twitter cards, Facebook ads, and other social media advertising.

11) Encourage Sharing: Add social sharing buttons to your landing pages and thank you pages to encourage people to share the offers.

12) Facebook Call-to-Action: Facebook added call-to-action buttons to all business pages. Utilize this by linking to a landing page that requires and email address.

On Another Website

13) Partner Up for Promotions: Team up with another company to run a promotion and collect email addresses from a fresh source.

14) Partner Up for Events: Team up with another company to host a webinar and ask them to promote the event to their audience. After the event, swap leads.

With Traditional Marketing

15) Offline Events: Collect email addresses at trade shows and put them into your database.

16) Host In-Person Events: Host and invite people to conferences, meetups, panels, etc. and collect email addresses as a part of the registration process.

17) Trade Channels: Run a traditional marketing campaign such as direct mail and ask recipients to opt in to receive email instead. This will not only boost your lists, it will save some trees!

18) QR Codes: Add QR codes to your print materials that send people to collection forms.

There are many other methods to gain email addresses, but the one key to remember is to do so in an ethical manners. Never buy a list! You should only use addresses of people who have agreed to receive your emails. Spam lists have low read rates, which will cause blacklists to put your domain on watch. Additionally, you will see lousy return on investment. Essentially, it’s a waste of money.

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