Typography and Fonts for the Web


The days of using basic/standard fonts (ie Arial and Times New Roman) for the web are over. With resources like Google Fonts and TypeKit, web designers and developers have access to a library of hundrends of fonts that can be used on the web.

Why can’t I use the fonts on my computer?

I’m glad you asked. If you use a non standard font that you have downloaded on your computer for your website, then only people who have also downloaded that font will be able to see it in use on your website. This is because the font isn’t hosted anywhere online so the users who do not have it will see your type in a standard fall back font that their computer uses for a default. This will most likely be Arial or Times New Roman.

How do I get web fonts?

There are a few options you have to be able to use a web font on your website. You can use a paid service such as TypeKit (which has a free account that will allow you up to two fonts on one website) or you can use an open source service such as Google Fonts. Google hosts many web fonts and will allow any one to download them and use them in any application for free.

Benefits of Using Web Fonts

Why would I go through the hassle of using web fonts on my site? A few of the benefits to using typography and fonts for the web are that you will be given the opportunity to choose a font that will match your branding and convey your brands personality through the web. Using web fonts will also allow your site to stand out from the hundreds of other websites using plain old boring standard fonts.

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