Facebook: News Feed Update Helps Smaller Marketers


It’s official—no more scrolling through endless life updates from your nagging family friend or repeatedly annoying advertisements from a page you liked six years ago on your Facebook news feed. On July 9th, Facebook rolled out new features that allow users to control their Facebook news feed, once and for all ending the “news” updates users deem unwanted.

The new updates allow users to personalize their news feeds by offering a feature that helps people prioritize which friends and brands they want to see first. This lets people see all of their best friends and favorite brand pages first when they open their Facebook. The new updates also allow for Facebook users to follow or unfollow friends’ and pages’ news posts if they do not want to see their updates at all.

Currently, the update is only available for Apple iOS, but Facebook will be making the update available to Android and desktop in the upcoming weeks.

What does this mean to small business marketers?

This update is important for people that have wanted a new Facebook news feed algorithm for a long time, but it might also be important as a tool for marketers.

Small business owners now have a greater ability for their social media audience to see ALL of their Facebook posts, instead of being overpowered by large brands that might have a larger following. The “make a priority” feature could also help improve the brand and customer relationship, by generating social media content that is more interpersonal and conversational between priority friends. In turn, this has the ability to allow for a company to better target their audience and to have greater brand recognition on social media. Of course, all of these great perks would only become available if a person made that business a “priority” on their news feed, and that is the challenging part. Simply asking followers to add your business to their “See First” section or by posting about the new update on Facebook may help grab followers’ attention.

At this time, Facebook does not allow a person or brand to see if they are a priority to another person or brand. In the future however, this could be another update that would help marketers better distinguish their demographics on social media, create more tailored content, and see who is truly “following” them.

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