Email Marketing Etiquette- 5 Tips to Keep Your Readers Reading

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Getting started with email marketing is crucial to your marketing strategy. Although social media marketing is expanding and being used more often to help advertise, email was one of the first tools to help market online, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to the 2015 State of Marketing Report, 73% of marketers reported that email marketing is crucial to their business. Email is accessed on more than just desktops nowadays, with 72% of US adults sending or receiving emails from their smartphone at least weekly. With the majority ruling in favor of email in both of these situations, it is safe to say email can be the most important marketing tool for your small business.

Generating an email that won’t get lost in a sea of your audience’s inbox can be difficult. Along with that, practicing common email marketing etiquette will keep your audience from ignoring your emails, as well as keep you from escaping the dreaded spam folder.

Practice these email marketing etiquette tips to keep your emails out of the junk folder:

  1. Make sure people have opted in to receive your emails
    • Asking permission of your audience helps build trust and a relationship with your business. Ask people to subscribe to receive your email updates, and also make it easy for people to subscribe to receive emails from you by providing links to your subscription page via Facebook and your blog. Never email somebody who hasn’t requested to receive emails from you.
  2. Send a welcome email!
    • Once your audience has opted into your emailing list, send them a welcome email! These e-mails can also be automatically generated by WordPress through one of their subscription plug-ins, or by an already created template in the iBoomerang Email Marketing+ Tool.
  3. Don’t spam your readers
    • Sending too many emails to your mailing list might not improve your click-through rate, but instead it might annoy your audience. If you send far too many e-mails, your subscribers might even opt-out of receiving emails from you. Discover the fine line of sending just enough emails so that your readers pay attention to them, but not so many that you might lose a reader.
  4. Have an option to unsubscribe
    • Losing followers is never fun, but the option must be readily available to recipients just in case they want to unsubscribe to receiving your email. Make sure there is a visible link to unsubscribe from your emails at the bottom of each email.
  5. The “Reply to:” address should be sent to someone’s name and personal email address, not a general ‘’ address.
    • Creating an email address with a personal name instead of a general address creates a better bond between you and your potential customer. If a reader wants to reply to an email, they like to know that somebody is reading their replies on the other end, and having a personal name, instead of a department, behind the communication is crucial.

When creating your next email, check and see if all of these tips are checked off your checklist before pressing send!
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