Are You Trying to Tap into Trending Topics?

The most memorable trending topic of 2015 is of course The Dress, which caused your Twitter and Facebook news feeds to be overflowing with the hashtags #thedress, #blackandblue and #whiteandgold. The dress debate was so popular that even Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian chimed in on the debate, not to mention every online news media out there. Take a look at how many companies and businesses tapped into the trending topic of #thedress, and turned it into a colossal marketing campaign.

Whether you are trying to join the conversation, or simply just looking for something to talk about, trending topics are central to keep your social media pages relevant and exciting. Creating content about trending topics also help bring more traffic to your blogs, social media accounts, and websites. On social media, a trending topic can be any current news that is creating a buzz online and getting people talking. Taking your part in trending topics helps build your business into the conversation, and also creates discussions with your audience and potential clients.



Where can I find trending topics?

In order to locate trending topics, you can simply look at your Twitter homepage, where the column on the side of your news feed lists multiple hashtags that are trending topics in the Twittersphere. On Facebook, trending topics are also listed under the heading entitled what other than “Trending” on your news feed. Facebook  even categorizes trends based on top trends, politics, science and technology, sports, and entertainment. Of course, online news websites are always a prime spot to discover breaking news.

Here are some additional sites that are sure to have the latest buzz:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends provides trending topics that people are searching for right NOW. This website can help you create better search engine optimization by drawing readers to your sites through content that people are actually seeking to read about!

2. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed will keep you ahead of trending topics, because it is a threshold of social news and entertainment articles.  Buzzfeed’s articles are always up-and-coming stories, as well as shareable and relatable to its target audience.

3. Reddit

Reddit is described as an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system. Reddit is a social media cesspool, because upcoming content people are sure to be buzzing about is created almost constantly. This is also the site where user-generated content can make a person practically internet famous.

4. Digg

Described as a “news aggregator,” Digg collects interesting topics and stories about science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues and lumps them all on one site you can easily navigate through.

Additional tips:

You don’t have to put in your two cents about EVERY trending topic, and in some cases it is better if you don’t. As a business representative, you may not want to comment on the trending topic of Donald Trump running for president, or any politics for that matter. Staying neutral during controversial trending topics is key, and will make sure your brand doesn’t become ridiculed or controversial itself. Instead, try to post about broader trending topics, such as national holidays (Today is National Root Beer Float Day?!) and topics that your business can resonate with.

You don’t have to generate your own memes and articles about these trending topics either. Simply sharing other user-generated content on social media can be a good ploy to boost traffic to your social media accounts, as long as credit is given to the original content creator of course. Always include the trending hashtags with your social media posts, and offer your readers a way to weigh in with their thoughts on the topic as well. This will help generate a two-sided conversation between your readers and your business.

Always remember to keep up-to-date with trending topics and become a part of the conversation! Don’t fall behind, and when another topic such as #TheDress comes along, make sure to take part in it.


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