3 Reasons Why Text Message Marketing Works

text message marketing

E-mail marketing can be great, but is text message marketing even better?

With internet access being utilized on mobile devices rather than desktops at an alarming rate (60% of internet access is mostly mobile), more and more people are connecting and reaching out to company websites on-the-go. SMS (short message service) marketing is becoming more and more popular among salespeople as a way to successfully market to people who utilize their mobile device. Text-message marketing allows salespeople to market to people more personally, and in turn, buyers tend to respond better to text-messages than other forms of digital marketing.

Here are three reasons you should utilize text message marketing:

1. Engages on a personal level

Face-to-face marketing has been practically eliminated with the ability to market digitally through social media and e-mailing. However, with this, the sense of connecting on a personal level with potential customers lacks when marketers blast a generalized e-mail or post to hundreds and thousands of people. With text-messaging, the act of receiving an exclusive offer, appointment reminder, or information about new products and services straight to your phone allows for a better individual connection between a buyer and seller.

2. More accessible

With the use of mobile devices on the incline, people are more likely to see a text-message than pay attention to an e-mail (which might be buried in an inbox full of hundreds of other marketing e-mails), your newsletter, or your direct advertisement strategies. Although people can access their e-mail via their mobile device as well, opening an e-mail requires internet access, clicking on the e-mail app, and then finally, deciding to actually click on the e-mail instead of just scrolling their inbox looking for something that peaks their interest. With SMS marketing, individuals receive a text straight to their phone, no other applications or steps needed. In addition, of all the SMS messages sent on a daily basis, 98% are opened, and 83% of those opened are opened within 3 minutes. With opening rates that high, it seems almost asinine to not make use of text message marketing.

3. Higher open & response rates
There is no doubt that e-mail marketing is effective to an enormous amount of sales individuals, but e-mail marketing methods come with downfalls as well. Although marketing via e-mail can send your campaign to multitudes of people in one click, spam folders might stand in the way of the likelihood that a potential client even sees your e-mail. With text message marketing, the likelihood that a potential client sees your text message is vast. Compared to e-mail marketing, text message marketing has the upper-hand when it comes to open and response rates. While only 6% of marketing emails are responded to, SMS campaigns have seen as much as 45% response rates. As you can see, SMS marketing has a higher response rate compared to other direct communication, such as telemarketing, e-mail, or post.

However, not every marketing tool is perfect. There are still some challenges with text-message marketing, mainly being that individuals sometimes cannot respond to text messages and they must opt-in (give you permission) to receive your SMS messages.

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