5 FREE Online Tools You Should Be Using

As an online sales person, there is no doubt that the many tools and products iBoomerang offers will help you succeed in the areas of marketing and sales. However, here are 5 free must-have online tools in addition to iBoomerang services that will help you succeed in your industry!online tools

Social Media Tools:

Hootsuite is a social media management tool. If you have multiple social media pages, this tool is essential for keeping them organized. Hootsuite allows you to view all of your social media streams (Twitter feed, Facebook newsfeed, LinkedIn, newly added Instagram) all at the same time, and allows you to post content at scheduled times across all of your platforms. In addition, Hootsuite lets you view easy to read reports of records about your social media platforms. The best part? Hootsuite lets you control up to 3 social profiles for FREE.

Likelyzer helps you measure and analyze the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook business pages. Some feautures Likelyzer offers include recommendations on how to create better engagement, your page performance statistics, and suggested website links specifically targeted to help you improve your Facebook. Try it with your Facebook business page right now!

Website Tool:

Google Analytics allows you to view reports about the audience that views your website(s), to help you better market and cater to your audience. The reports Google Analytics provides include tons of demographics about your website, including page views and how long on average a person stays on your site, audience interests, where your audience is located on a world map, the behaviors of your audience, and many more. Google Analytics is customizable, and you can view data at anytime. Google Analytics is free, and it provides tutorials on how to set up analytics to your webpage.

Headline Tool:

If you recall our Headline Help article, writing headlines for e-mails and blog posts can be one the most difficult parts of writing and advertising. The Hubspot Blog Topic Generator makes generating topics for stories and marketing campains easy as 1, 2, 3…literally. Here’s how it works: you enter in three nouns that you would like to write about and Hubspot creates relevant post titles in a matter of seconds.

Writing Tool:

If you are writing e-mail marketing campaigns or blog posts, After the Deadline is a must. After the Deadline offers extensions, add-ons, plugins, and libraries for a variety of platforms, and promises to help you write better as well as spend less time editing. After the Deadline includes many applications, and it promises to use them to check your spelling and grammar, detect misused words, check the styling of your writing, explains errors, and offer suggestions, all for free!

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