iBoomerang Introduces New Patent-Pending Web Conferencing Technology

Web-Conference-ToolDAYTON, OH—iBoomerang (http://www.iboomerang.com), an online-company dedicated to providing marketing and branding solutions through top of the line web-tools, announced its new, patent-pending web conferencing service on August 10, 2015. Features introduced alongside the new web conferencing allow for the fastest way to web conference, and solutions for sales people to present and complete sales with ease.

The most prominent feature introduced with iBoomerang’s Web Conferencing is its unparalleled speed, making it five times faster than any other web conferencing service.

A solution to pesky downloads has also been generated, because iBoomerang’s New Web Conferencing does not require any downloads of plug-ins or proprietary software. Now, users can simply join a web conference session straight from any web browser on any device.

In addition, iBoomerang’s Web Conferencing provides a Grant Control feature, allowing users to switch the mouse in order to control presentations and sign documents.

Lastly, the new web conferencing captures the IP address of clients, making sales more compliant.

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