What is the Best Marketing Technique for You? Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing


What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is also referred to as traditional marketing. Outbound marketing is when a company generates conversation with an audience through strategies like TV and radio commercials, print advertisements (newspaper, magazines, billboards, flyers, brochures), cold calls, and e-mail blasts. Simply put, it is when a company seeks out customers.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing. Instead of your company seeking customers, customers are seeking your company. Think of inbound marketing as a magnetic effect. You want to push content out that draws customers back to you. One of the best examples of inbound marketing is search marketing. Search marketing is the idea that your company creates ads and web pages that show up when a person searches for something relevant to your business. This can be applied to search engine results, or simply looking something up in the yellow pages. Search marketing relates to the subject of Search Engine Optimization, something iBoomerang marketers focus on greatly.

So, which is better?

There is no doubt that you will utilize both inbound and outbound marketing strategies, but which is more effective?

According to Vital, 45% of direct mail never gets opened, 85% of people fast forward through commercials, and 200 million people are on the national Do Not Call Registry. This would leave one to believe that inbound marketing might be more effective in earning someone’s attention, and potentially generate more sales than outbound marketing.

In addition, inbound marketing is easier to track through the use of tracking analytics, usually has lower overall costs than outbound marketing, and a higher return on investment.

Last but not least, if you are an online sales person, the best way to advertise is on the platform your audience is already using to find you (digitally!) Doesn’t it make more sense to market your online business online than through outbound resources like direct mail?

Like I mentioned earlier, the best way to inbound market is through web marketing like Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In addition, the more content that your website has, the more reason for someone to land there via a search engine. Some of the best ways to achieve greater content on your website is to create a blog, as well as make sure that every web page on your site contains more than 200 words.


If you are interested in learning more about inbound marketing techniques such as SEO, check out this iBoomerang informational video.

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