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10 Twitter Strategies to Steal From Top Global Brands

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Twitter has always been a unique social network. It limits users to think up concise and to-the-point statements, and there isn’t an algorithm that filters the messages that appear in your feed. These two aspects alone are the cause for much frustration among social media managers.

I’m a firm believer in learning from your mistakes. I also believe that the key to a great society is an advanced education. That’s why I’m sharing with you 10 tips for creating the perfect tweet. These methods are used by most, if not all, of the top 100 global brands, and they’re a great place for you to start with your business!

Tip #1: Count Characters
It’s common knowledge in the marketing world that Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters or less. What is lesser known is the most effective length of tweet. Tweets with under 60 characters see one-third less engagement than those with more. You should also leave some room for people to retweet and add their own comments. Tweets with around 120 characters perform the best.

Tip #2: Link/Hashtag Double Team
Studies show tweets that include BOTH hashtags and links outperform tweets with just one or the other.

Tip #3: Practice Safe Hashtagging
Make sure you don’t overuse the hashtag. Tweets with more than two hashtags see almost one-third less engagement.

Tip #4: Express Urgency
Social media is all about receiving news instantly. Take advantage of this by including phrases like “today” or “right now” in your tweets.

Tip#5: Be Clear
Make sure it’s obvious what you want your readers to do. Include clear call-to-action words like “click” or “join” because they can boost engagement up to 35%.

Tip #6: Keep to a Schedule
The top performing brands tweet an average of 1 – 5 times per day. Set yourself a schedule and commit to it!

Tip #7: Visual Basic
It’s no secret that tweets with images receive more interaction. Create your own eye-catching graphics to share with your followers.

Tip #8: Dress Up Your Links
Photos are also important when it comes to your links. Make sure any links you include in your tweet have embedded photos that show up as a preview.

Tip #9: Auto-Embed
Another photo tip – upload them using Twitter itself ( so it’s guaranteed to display.

Tip #10: Look in the Mirror
Just as you evaluate your appearance before you leave the house, analyze the impression of your Twitter profile page. Make sure your profile and cover images use the correct aspect ratio so they display properly.

Do you have any tricks that are working well for your business? Share them in the comments below!

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