Getting Started With EMail Marketing

Tips to Get Started with Email Marketing

iboomerang email marketing strategies

Following these quick tips from iBoomerang will help get you started with your first email marketing campaign.

We all know e-mail has been and will continue to be a vital component of everyone’s day-to-day business and social lives. But, as is often the case with something that has become the norm, many businesses fail to see the advantages e-mail can offer them in the form of marketing. Many involved in sales or online marketing think just because they ignore even the most legit e-mail blasts, everyone else does as well. This is simply not the case, and making such an assumption could be costing your company more than a few proverbial pretty pennies (which is why 69% of companies plan to increase their e-mail marketing spending in 2010).

So just how do you turn the Model T of internet communication into a contemporary client-catcher? Here’s a few suggestions to help you get started with an effective e-mail marketing campaign:

Keep it simple

Start with the basics. Make sure to provide your recipient with a means of contacting you or your company for more information. Include links to your main site and provide a toll-free number (if available). Make sure this information is easy to find and contains no dead or broken links. People are busy and you only have their attention for a short time. Don’t make them work to find you; many won’t even bother trying.

Don’t be anti-social

People love their social media. It gives them a sense of belonging and ego-satisfaction. Include a Share-to-Social button that allows recipients share your e-mail on a Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site. Recent studies show the Share-to-Social feature can result in up to a 24% increase in reach.

Interact with your reader

Including case studies or interactive polls are a great way to generate interest. People want their opinions to be heard and any opportunity to speak their mind, even if it is a simple poll, will surely garner your e-mail more face-time. This is also a great way to do a little research on your target audience as well.

Analyze this!

Remember, it has been said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. As with any great marketing campaign, be sure to analyze what works and doesn’t work with each of your audiences and design future marketing campaigns with those results in mind.

As always, make sure every e-mail you send adheres to anti-spam laws. The thought of marketing can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re self-employed and wear many different hats in your day-to-day operation. When preparing your e-mail campaign, keep this simple fact in mind: marketing is merely a glorified call to action.


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