5 Tips to Flawless Online Sales Presentations


online presentation


     1. Start with the right platform

When making an online presentation, the platform in which you present it is crucial. Starting with the right tools can make all the difference. Imagine trying to run a conference call and e-mailing a PDF to your audience for them to look at while you present. You don’t know who is following along, or if they’re even on the right page of the PDF. Collaborative software, such as iBoomerang Web Conferencing, makes this process simple. Web conferencing allows for synced audio and video, in order to monitor your audience and makes sure that everybody participating in the presentation is on the same slide, page, etc.

  1. Never wing it

Practice makes perfect, right? Make sure your presentation is the best it can be by having enough time to process your thoughts before sharing them. I find the best way to prepare is to have everything I want to say written down, in script or outline form, and then study and practice it out loud to ensure the presentation runs smoothly. Alongside web conferencing, a PowerPoint or slideshow is a great visual to help guide your presentation along. Prepare your slideshow enough time in advance so that you are confident in presenting it.

  1. Think about the audience’s perspective

Shape your sales strategy as if you are in the other person’s shoes. Know the concerns your clients might have, and know how to provide answers that will satisfy them. Be prepared for different questions and responses to your presentation. As mentioned above, having a PowerPoint or slideshow presentation is important to guide your presentation. When creating the slideshow, make sure your slides are all relevant to your specific audience. Always make sure to get your audience’s input at the end. Ask if they have any questions or anything to add.

  1. Create compelling visuals

Nothing compliments a presentation or slideshow better than visuals. Focus more on visuals than text and let pictures/videos do the talking for you.  Make sure to give your audience something they will want to look at. Do not duplicate every word you speak on your slides. Your visuals should have nice arrangement, color, and movement.  Use high resolution graphics and don’t be afraid to be creative! Throwing in a video is a great way to disrupt your presentation and allow for something else to do the talking for a few moments. Keep your audience intrigued the entire time, and you will have a successful presentation.

    5. Be yourself

As a presenter, be comfortable with your voice and how you can leverage your strengths during your presentation. More than likely, the people you are presenting to have already developed a perception about you based on your biography, e-mails, or previous encounters. Strengthen that impression by presenting in a manner that is most like you. Asking people close to you to review your presentation and offer constructive criticism before you give the real presentation can be a great way to make sure your presentation matches your persona and brand.


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