Every Small Business Owner Needs THIS

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? If not, it is about time to get one.


Facebook is one of the most necessary social media platforms for sales people. After all, with 80% of network users connecting with their favorite brands and organizations through Facebook, and 42% of marketers saying Facebook is critical to their business, how could it not be necessary?

Not only does Facebook allow you to network with your personal friends, but creating a Facebook business page can skyrocket your social engagement with current and future clients.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook business page is one of the best forms of advertisement for your business—it is simple and FREE. Anybody can do it, and Facebook will guide you through the process completely.

To create a Facebook business page simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your personal Facebook account
  • Click on the downward arrow in the top right hand corner and click on Create Page
  • Select your business page type
  • Enter information about your business
  • Add a profile photo of your logo or business
  • Finally, invite people to like and follow your page!

Check out this step-by-step video to building your business page.

Now what?

You can easily switch from your personal Facebook account to your business account right from your personal page.  I suggest first posting a link to your business page from your personal Facebook account and asking your friends to like your business page in order to generate a following. You can also add a link to your business page in your website, e-mails, or printed materials.

Now that you have a page representing your business, you want to post content relevant to your business. Posting Facebook content on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 1pm and 3pm is said to get the most engagement (shares and clicks on content). Aiming to post content every other day is ideal. Invite your friends to share, click, and like your posts, and start conversations with your audience through your Facebook posts as well.

You can post about anything relevant to your business, including links to your website, blog posts, or other industry articles. You can also share specials your business is running, or just share news about your business.

Your postings will automatically show up on some of the timelines of people who like/follow your business. If you want to increase the amount of people who see your post, you can boost your post so that they reach a larger audience for a small price. You can also use your Facebook business page to run paid advertisements. Find out all about Facebook advertising here.

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