10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Following

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Our previous article suggested something every small business owner needed…a business Facebook page!

Now that you have created your page, here are 10 additional tips to help maximize your business page to its fullest potential and gain more followers.

1. Add searchable page information

Every section of your business page should include searchable keywords, because your page will be indexed in search engines. Make sure that your about me section of your business page includes: what your business has to offer, a link to your business website, and any other information that will help potential clients understand your business better.

2. Add social plug-ins

When visitors visit your website, they should be able to find your Facebook business page as well. There are many ways to insert Facebook Plugins to your website, such as a Facebook icon that leads to your business page, a button where people can “like” the Facebook page right from your website, and recent Facebook posts that can be embedded into your website. To get a plugin like this, go here.

3. Post relevant, engaging content

Post content that is sure to get your audience’s attention. Entertaining, relatable, and interesting posts on a regular basis will keep your audience engaged. An image is the best way to capture the attention of your Facebook family who is more than likely scrolling their timelines aimlessly. Adding calls of action for people to like and share your content or asking your audience a question are also good ways to drive engagement.

4. Run a contest

Running a contest can be a fun way to encourage your Facebook fans to engage with your brand. It is sure to get people liking and sharing your contest, as long as the contest is exciting and fun. It also encourages outsiders to “like” your page to be a part of the contest as well! Make sure that your contest follows Facebook’s promotion guidelines.

5. Learn Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights shows you useful metrics on your page performance. You can view things like how many people are seeing your posts, how many users actually engage with your posts, and who is liking your page. Analyzing these metrics will better help you understand who is engaging, and why they are engaging, so you can create a marketing strategy accordingly.

6. Cross promote on other social media channels

Always cross-promote your Facebook business page on other social media platforms. Post about your business page on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram often, and encourage new followers on those platforms to also like your Facebook page.

7. Word of mouth

You can promote your Facebook page anywhere you go. Ask your current customers to like your page and leave you a review, or have them refer a friend to your Facebook page.

8. Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great way to increase your Facebook likes. Your posts organic reach (the people who see your posts without advertisements) are generally low. Facebook ads and post boosts can help your audience reach expand. You can target by your brand’s interests to find people similar to your current fans. To learn about Facebook ads, go here.

9. Use iBoomerang e-mail marketing & the text messaging add-on to invite people to your page

iBoomerang can help your Facebook page as well! You can use iBoomerang E-mail Marketing+ to send out a template inviting the masses to like your Facebook page, or send texts through the Text Messaging Add-On to ask current clients to like your page and leave a review.

10. iBoomerang QR Code Generator

The iBoomerang QR Code Generator can turn your business page into a QR code. Simply go to your Tool Set and then to the QR Code Generator. When you post your page’s URL and click generate, a QR Code is automatically generated for you to download and save. Now that you have this QR Code, you can put it multiple places, like on the back of your business cards, on brochures, and in your e-mails.


Don’t have iBoomerang tools? Get them now!

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