4 Essential Tasks To Do After a Sales Appointment

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The things you do after a sales appointment are essential. Although focusing on a big sale is nice, developing a long-term relationship with your client is even more rewarding. The follow-up steps you take right after a sales appointment can have a huge impact on how the future with a client will go.

Here are four things you should be doing right after a sales appointment:

Update Client Information

Take the time to jot down notes about your appointment, focusing on the client and their preferences. Logging personal information you have uncovered during the appointment can be referenced later on. Whether it is your client’s favorite football team, or facts about their family, referencing personal details help you build rapport with your client.

Of course, the most important information you must be logging is the main business information from an appointment. These notes will make it easy to review the latest information about your client and help you research before your next appointment.

Set Up the Next Step

This one is imperative to do even before you leave a sales appointment–always set up the next step with your client before ending an appointment. Mark your calendar or set a reminder to keep track of the next date you will be in contact with your client. You can utilize tools such as iBoomerang text-messaging and e-mail marketing to help remind your clients of future appointments as well.

Keep Your Word

Follow through and deliver the next steps you have created with your client. Keeping in constant contact with your client about promises you have made helps build a trusting relationship between you and your client. If you promised to check on something for them, get back to them in a timely manner. Follow through with tasks as soon as possible; you will be less likely to forget in the future and your client will thank you for the quick response.

Give Gratitude

Don’t forget to thank your clients for their time. A little thank-you note is known to go a long way in all areas of life, but especially in the business world. Sending a quick e-mail (another great use for iBoomerang e-mail) or hand-written note right after the appointment is imperative to ensure the information is fresh in your mind.


A sales appointment is always highly important to a sales person, but the little things you do after a sales meeting can matter just as much as the meeting itself.

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