Become a Blogger with this New Facebook Update

Do you want to blog about your business and industry but don’t know where to start?

facebook notes

If you are a long-time Facebook user, you might remember a feature called “Notes,” a section that allowed you to simply write longer, lengthy Facebook statuses. This section has always been a place to share more extended thoughts with friends, but it eventually got buried underneath other less-dull Facebook features. However, recently, Facebook announced that Notes has been revamped with customizable features that appeal to any wannabe blogger.

The new features of the Notes section include:

-a cover photo to represent what your note is about

-caption and resize photos

-format your text (headers, quotes, or bullets)

-viewable on mobile devices

The example image above is a great example of just how much notes has transformed into a blogger-like platform that is more appealing and grabs the attention of readers.

If you weren’t using the old Notes feature due to its simple, plain structure, now might be the time to start, especially as a means to promote your business and yourself as an expert in your field by utilizing Notes as a blogging platform.

If you are a blogging beginner, and don’t know where to begin, Facebook Notes might be an ideal platform. You don’t have to worry about managing your own blogging site, and you don’t have to build a readership to your blog, as your Facebook followers are an automatic audience.

How do I access Facebook Notes?

In order to access your Notes feature, log in to your personal Facebook account or business page Facebook account (I suggest writing notes about your business/industry under your business page account). Go to, or simply search “notes” on your mobile device.

If you go to your profile page, the Notes area can also be accessed under the drop-down menu that says “more.”


Happy blogging!

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