The Best Way to Connect with Prospects on LinkedIn

Are you a salesperson guilty of connecting with others that you don’t know on LinkedIn? The reality of the situation is that salespeople want to get to know these people, especially as a means to social sell. LinkedIn is one of the most common networks used for social selling.

HubSpot did some research on the topic of generic social selling via LinkedIn. When asked if one finds it creepy if a salesperson requests to connect with them on LinkedIn via a generic message, 64% of respondents said ‘Yes.’ When asked if one finds it creepy if a salesperson requests to connect with them on LinkedIn with a message customized to their company, 60% said ‘No.’

So the question is, how do you connect with these people and their business without coming off as creepy? More importantly, how do you actually make a great first impression through connection requests?

One great way to establish a great first impression gain connects is to include a non-generic personal note when sending an invitation to connect.

A typical LinkedIn connection request looks like this:

generic linkedin request 2015   Google Search


Instead of leaving the automated generic ‘personal note,’ you should cater to each of your connections with a genuine note.

Try this:

Make sure to address the person with their first name. Make a point to bring attention to something in their profile that intrigued you—maybe they work with the same company that you do business with, or wrote an article that peaked your interest. By bringing attention to something specific, it shows that you are interested in who they are and what they are involved in. Also, thank them for their consideration in being a part of their LinkedIn network. Finally, sign your name at the end of the invitation so that it reinforces that the invitation was personal and not a generic message.


How do you connect with prospects on LinkedIn? Leave a comment below.



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