2 Easy Ways to Track Your Social Media Success

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You already know how to use multiple social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) to engage with your audience and to expand your inbound marketing strategy, but do you know exactly how much of an impact your social media marketing is having?

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 92% of sellers are active on social media, but 86% report that a challenge for them is understanding  what marketing content is effective and what isn’t. The best way to understand what content is successful is by tracking your social media numbers and planning based upon the tools you already have available. Even if you’re not fluent in Google Analytics, measuring your social media’s effectiveness is easier than you think!

The two best ways to measure the success of your social media accounts is by examining your followers and engagement.


Although you may gain and lose followers, causing your audience numbers to fluctuate over time, hopefully you will be seeing a steady growth in your audience numbers on social media. You might see you gained followers when you posted or promoted interesting pieces of content. Knowing and tracking your numbers helps you recognize areas where you could improve and post more relevant information. In particular, Facebook and LinkedIn track these numbers for you with their own analytic applications you can access, which provide easy-to-read graphics that explain your audience. Twitter analytics also exist, and can be turned on here.

However, the best way to measure your effectiveness on social media is how good you are at converting your audience members into actual prospects.

Engagement/Conversion Rates

Recognizing engagement from visitors helps you know where your actual buyers and prospects are coming from. Whether this is including a question of how a person found your business in a contact form, or by simply viewing your website analytics, knowing where people found your website is important.  If you discover which social media site the majority of your prospects are finding you from, you can cater to that social media account with more frequent postings. To know whether a social media site is effective, make sure that your profile information is correct and that you are giving your audience the chance to connect with your website. Finally, make sure that your content is engaging. All of the major social media sites allow you to view the number of people that clicked and read your postings. If you discover that an image you posted was liked or commented on by many people, try to make sure your marketing strategy includes a lot of graphics and images. On the contrary, if you are seeing that your blogs and written content are getting more attention, try to use LinkedIn and Twitter more often to share text-based information.

Overall, creating and making sure to continually post on your social media platforms can be hectic, but it can also be one of the best inbound marketing techniques out there. If you’re not tracking your audience and engagement, then you will not be aware of just how impactful your social media is for your business.

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