25 Words that Increase Social Media Engagement

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As a sales person, utilizing persuasive language should come as second nature. Persuasive words are essential when advertising over social media, and certain words hold more power over one’s decision making process than others. Quicksprout collected a series of data about the best words to use to increase your engagement and stand out on social media. Some of the words collected are no-brainers, but some might just surprise you!

To stand out on LinkedIn, you should skip words like:

  • Responsible
  • Strategic
  • Creative
  • Effective
  • Expert
  • Driven
  • Innovative

These words seem too generic when referring to resumes and job searching.

Instead use words like:

  • Created
  • Increased
  • Reduced
  • Won
  • Researched
  • Accomplished
  • Developed

If you’re looking for more comments, likes, and shares on Facebook, use words such as:

  • Submit
  • Comment
  • Amuses
  • Deals
  • Discount
  • When
  • Where
  • Take
  • Tell us

To get more retweets on Twitter, try using these words:

  • Free
  • Help
  • Follow
  • Retweet
  • Social
  • New blog post
  • Media
  • Check out
  • Top

Lastly, if you’re holding a contest over social media, avoid using promotional sounding words like contest, promotion, sweepstakes, and coupon. Instead, use words like winner, win, winning, and events.

The next time you’re promoting on social media, try to use one of these words and see if your engagement numbers change!

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