3 Steps to Getting More Opened Emails

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According to Mashable, around 144.8 billion emails are sent worldwide per day. How can you create an email that actually gets clicked on and read? How can a small business stand out amongst huge advertising companies and large brands?

These three tips will help boost your open rates and help you create more successful email marketing campaigns.

Develop a strategy

Digital marketing through email should be strategic and thoroughly thought-out. You must decide what you want to accomplish with your emails. Do you want to encourage a prospect to go to your website? Do you want a potential client to contact you? Whatever outcome you are aiming for, you need to develop a strategy to match the desired outcome.

You need to decide if you are sending one email or a drip marketing campaign with several emails. Whether you want to send 10 emails in a row or just one email, iBoomerang Email Marketing+ can help you do this.

Next, you need to create separate emailing lists to specifically target your audience with your campaign. To do this, you must identify the needs of each person on the list and try to connect your specific email with that person. You will discover that more people will click on emails that actually pertain to their needs. You will also discover that people will open your emails if you….

Create catchy subject lines

In Daniel Pinks’ book, “To Sell Is Human,” Pink describes the three principles to writing effective subject lines. Pink suggests that an effective subject line should provide utility, curiosity, and specificity to your target audience.

Subject lines that suggest utility are opened because they are directly relevant to someone’s work or particular benefit. Emails that appeal to an audience’s curiosity are opened because they simply spark an interest in your audience. The final principle is specificity, which disregards vague subject lines and replaces them with specific promises or proposals. For example, instead of subject lines like “Increase Your Sales,” use more descriptive subject lines such as, “6 Secrets to Increasing Your Sales Uncovered HERE.”

Provide a call to action

Whether you’re sending a promotional email or an email welcoming people as a subscriber, you should inspire your audience to take action. You should have a clear call to action in your emails. In order to get better click-through rates, make the call to action simple enough that people will follow through with it. Always link to your website and provide your contact information on the email as well.

What do you do to ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful? Leave a comment below.

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